Graceland is a family-owned, boutique winery and one of the first South African producers to specialize in the exclusive production of red wine only. Their privileged vineyard sites in proven red wine territory, together with diligent viticultural practices and low intervention winemaking, has combined to produce wines worthy of attention. Graceland is now regarded as one of South Africa’s premium red wine estates.

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Gracelands 2021 ‘Strawberry Fields’ Cabernet Shiraz

This wine is an exquisite blend of complexity and grace, boasting prominent fruit aromas reminiscent of blackberries, tart cherries, cassis, and subtle hints of strawberries. Its structure is impeccably balanced, offering a rich, creamy body that envelopes the palate. Velvety in texture, it delivers a mouth-filling experience complemented by harmoniously integrated barrel nuances and undertones of dark chocolate. The ripe tannins reflect the characteristic structure of Shiraz, culminating in a lingering finish that defines elegance reminiscent of Bordeaux-style wines.