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Liberty Distillery Endeavour Pink Gin

A compelling complex gin with rose and citrus notes. A variety of wild hip rosehips are combined with a juniper base to produce a stunning all-natural Pink Gin. On the nose, Endeavour Pink presents delicate notes of floral rose and framboise. Traditional gin botanicals of juniper, coriander and citrus peel follow, and finishes with an intriguing hint of star anise. On the palate, this is a forthright gin. It pushes the botanicals forward leading to a smooth, lingering finish. Powerful, yet easy to drink on its own; when blended it creates a bright, refreshing cocktail. Its beautiful vibrant pink colour will charm all, and at extra strength will excite gin enthusiasts everywhere. 47% alc./vol.

The Liberty Distillery Endeavour Gin

On the nose, Endeavour is very complex. It is a compelling gin with bright floral notes underpinned with savoury botanicals on a solid juniper base. On the palate, juniper is first detected which is quickly followed by the subtle interplay of citrus, aromatic botanicals, and lightly brushed with hints of peppery Paradise Seed. Alchemy leads to a seamless, smooth, and lingering finish. Extremely supple and easy to drink on its own; when blended it creates an intriguing cocktail that will delight.

The Liberty Distillery Endeavour Old Tom Gin

Endeavour Old Tom is a taste of history based on records dating back to the 1850’s. It is a full-flavoured, full-bodied, mahogany-coloured gin with a rich, intense nose. On the palate there is a pronounced spicy fruitcake character with notes of juniper, mint, orange blossom and mulberry, all intertwined with the oak to produce a mouth-filling assortment of enticing flavours. The finish is long, powerful, spicy and compelling. Liberty’s Old Tom will delight adventurous gin enthusiasts; Old Tom is the gin for Whiskey Lovers. 45% alc./vol.

The Liberty Distillery Endeavour Origins Gin

Endeavour Origins features a blend of 25 BC botanicals which are slowly infused during distillation in our single copper pot still. On the nose, Endeavour Origins presents multiple layers of aromas. A compelling gin it is distinctive with bright forest notes underpinned with 25 wild botanicals on a solid BC juniper base. On the palate, juniper is first detected followed by a delicate interplay of spice and aromatic botanicals providing intrigue and complexity. It finishes with a hint of mint leading to a smooth, seamless and lingering finish. 45% alc./vol.