Wine 101

Pretty in Pink: Pairing Rosé Wines

Pouring of rose wine into a tasting glass

Spring marks the beginning of Rosé season, with warmer temperatures and clearer skies bringing forth a demand for lighter, fruiter wines that are perfect for patio-sipping or a night on the town. One question we’re often asked is ‘How Do I Find the Right Rosé?’. The answer is that it all comes down to pairing.

Dry Rosé

The most common type of Rosé, these are typically a blend of 2-3 varietals. The dryness means they are better able to flesh out food flavours. Excellent with firm cheese such as gouda, cheddar or provolone, and pairs excellently with grilled fish and salads.

Off-Dry Rosé

Typically Zinfandel or Merlot, the sweeter profile balances out mild-spice dishes and distinct Mediterranean flavours. It also pairs surprisingly well with Chinese Sichuan dishes. Choose bolder dry rosés as the spice level goes up.

Sparkling Rosé

Arguably the most fun to pair, sparkling rosés have a great depth of flavour with excellent acidity. These work wonders on its own as an aperitif, but also with fried dishes as the bubbles balance the fattiness of the dish.


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