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Ricco Bambino 2018 Cabernet Franc

Sipping Ricco Bambino’s Cabernet Franc is like strolling through a vibrant orchard. This wine invites you to explore a medley

Ricco Bambino 2018 Merlot

Ricco’s Merlot provides the perfect amount of ripe fruit while remaining weightless on the palate. Picture yourself biting into a

Ricco Bambino 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon

Ricco’s Cab with its’ deep ruby hue beckons you to indulge in its rich bouquet of aromas. Notes of black

Gracelands 2021 ‘Strawberry Fields’ Cabernet Shiraz

This wine is an exquisite blend of complexity and grace, boasting prominent fruit aromas reminiscent of blackberries, tart cherries, cassis, and subtle hints of strawberries. Its structure is impeccably balanced, offering a rich, creamy body that envelopes the palate. Velvety in texture, it delivers a mouth-filling experience complemented by harmoniously integrated barrel nuances and undertones of dark chocolate. The ripe tannins reflect the characteristic structure of Shiraz, culminating in a lingering finish that defines elegance reminiscent of Bordeaux-style wines.

Mondavi 2017 Continuum

“Wonderful blackberry and blackcurrant aromas here with hints of mint and fresh sage. Some cassis. Wrought iron, too. Full-bodied, tight

Mondavi 2014 Continuum

Winemaker’s note on their 10th Continuum release! This wine, while having beautiful vibrancy and richness of body, is more approachable

Montelena 2018 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

Fresh and dynamic, with cranberry, cola, and raspberry jam. The acidity is laser focused, the spine pulling the layers of