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Brickers Original (500ml)

Experience the timeless allure of this classic cider, where the pure essence of apples shines through, refreshing the palate with its crispness, and leaving a comforting touch of sweetness in every sip.

Christian Drouhin Cidre de Normandie (750ml)

A bouquet of fresh apples and delicate florals leads to a burst of crisp and juicy flavors, balanced by a subtle acidity, leaving a clean and dry finish that pays homage to the artistry of French cider-making.

Nicol Bouche Breton Cider (750ml)

A powerful nose of baked apple, honey and a hint of cinnamon. A beautiful bitterness on the palate without being excessive. This is a very sophisticated Summer cider! It shows remarkable depth, the result of a slow, traditional method of fermentation lasting up to six months. Nicol’s bittersweet apples are the key to this fermentation, providing the perfect tannin-to-acid balance.

Sunday Sesh Apple Cider 355ml (4-Pack)

A crisp and refreshing cider that transplants you to an orchard in full bloom, with the juicy burst of freshly picked apples and a lively effervescence that dances on the tongue, making it the perfect companion for leisurely moments.

Ciderworks Red Rebel (750ml)

An adventurous cider with vibrant red fruit flavors, potentially delivering a lively and bold taste experience that is both refreshing and audacious.

Twisted Hills Dry (750ml)

Crisp and acidic. Blend of Newton and Cox’s Orange Pippin. Green apple with citrus notes, finishing with crisp clean lemon and lime.

Sunday Rose Cider 355ml (4-Pack)

Unwind with the delicate elegance of this cider, where graceful floral notes intertwine seamlessly with crisp apple flavors. Each sip offers a refreshing and harmonious experience, evoking the leisurely beauty of a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Ciderworks The Stinger (750ml)

Prepare for a buzz of flavor as this cider stings the palate with its vibrant combination of apples and a hint of invigorating sweetness, leaving a lingering sensation of pure cider enjoyment.

Sea Cider Wild English (750ml)

Immerse yourself in the rustic charm of the English countryside with this cider, crafted from carefully selected apples, delivering a symphony of flavors that balance sweetness with earthy complexity, capturing the essence of a bountiful orchard.

Brickers Brett Barrel Aged (750ml)

An intriguing symphony of oak and vanilla dances on the palate, accompanied by dark fruit melodies and a velvety smoothness, creating a captivating cider experience that lingers with warmth.

Salt Spring Wild Apple Quince Pear (750ml)

Experience the enchanting trio of apple, quince, and pear in this cider. Each sip reveals a delightful medley of fruity sweetness, offering a unique and captivating taste experience.

Weigand Unfiltered German (750ml)

A sip of tradition and craftsmanship, this German cider delights with its harmonious blend of crisp apples, offering a refreshing and authentic taste of the orchard's bounty.

Twin Island Cider Bietigheimer (750ml)

Indulge in the rich and complex character of this German-style cider. With its depth of flavors and well-balanced sweetness, this cider offers a delightful journey for the taste buds.