Privacy Policy for In-store Video Surveillance

The in-store CCTV surveillance system within the retail locations of Liberty Wine Merchants Ltd. (Liberty Wines) are an integral part of the company’s anti-theft and safety measures. The retail sector of the liquor industry is prone to theft and crime, for the simple reason that products can be of high-value and are often very easy to steal due to their size.

This privacy policy outlines the use of surveillance systems in our retail premises, and procedures for complaints, comments or questions regarding our surveillance systems.

1. Purpose of Surveillance System

The purpose of in-store CCTV surveillance system at Liberty Wines is solely to:

  • deter in-store theft and minimize both accidental and deliberate retail shrink.
  • to aid in the investigation of possible theft or safety incidents within the property.
  • to provide security for our staff and anyone on our premises.
  • to protect the premises as requested by our insurance provider.

2. Field of Vision

Surveillance equipment are strategically placed to capture surveillance of areas within the store which are difficult to monitor by in-store staff. These include corners of the store where there is a higher-likelihood of theft due to the nature of products.

Cameras may also capture the Point-of-Sale systems, where transactions occur. This is to capture any possible crimes that may occur against our staff or other customers. Our surveillance systems do not have the ability to read sensitive information such as credit card numbers from the distance at which they are positioned.

There are no surveillance systems where customers have an expectation of privacy (ie. washrooms)

3. Notices of Surveillance Use

Visible Notices of Surveillance are posted onsite at the entryway and throughout the premises. Surveillance Equipment are clearly visible and are not hidden from sight, nor are they made to appear as non-surveillance equipment.

4. Special Capabilities of the System

The in-store surveillance system is capable of limited zoom. It does not record sound and is not enabled for night-vision.

5. Times of Surveillance

The in-store surveillance systems are in-effect 24/7, including times when the store is not in operation.

6. Authorized Access to Surveillance Recordings

Surveillance Recordings are only accessible to Store Staff and Senior Company Management. Surveillance Recordings are not accessible by third parties, except in the investigation of a crime or when required by law.

Signals are viewable in a secured room at the retail store, or by senior management at Liberty Wine Merchants Head Office.

Surveillance equipment, hardware and software support are provided by Watchdog Loss Prevention Inc. In the course of providing technical support, they may in turn view signals from the Liberty Wine Merchants Inc.’s Surveillance Equipment but are not permitted to retain signals or recordings.

7. Retention of Surveillance Recordings

Surveillance Recordings are kept for seven (7) days from the date of the recording, and are permanently deleted after that time. We may keep recordings for longer when required, such as in cases of ongoing investigations of theft, crime or accident, under the advice of legal counsel, or when required by law.

8. Procedures in the Event of Unauthorized Disclosure

The privacy of our customers, and anyone who enters our premises, is fundamental to Liberty Wines. In the event of unauthorized disclosure of images or recordings by an employee, Liberty Wines will take appropriate measures including, but not limited to, termination of the individual’s employment.

Liberty Wines will also work with law enforcement and Government bodies when necessary to ensure the privacy of our customers and employees remains secure.

Any questions regarding Privacy Practices and our Surveillance Equipment may be directed to our Privacy Officer:

Liberty Wine Merchants Ltd.
Privacy Officer
100 – 291 East 2nd Avenue,
Vancouver   V5T 1B8