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Padro & Co Blanco Reserva Vermouth

Intense aromas of sweet herbs such as lemon verbena, star anise, and angelica. Well-balanced yet complex, the smooth, refined and well-rounded palate give way to a slight sweetness with a favourable tinge of bitter. The elegant and citrus fruit finish fruit finish will leave a fresh and superb aftertaste giving this vermouth a velvety gourmet flair. 700mL | 18% alc/vol

Padro & Co Rojo Amargo Vermouth

The nose dances with zesty sensations of ripe orange peel with subtle hints of cinnamon spice, while the palate sings of Balsamic notes of cloves and dried apricot. Super smooth and full-bodied in the mouth, the citrus daringly leads followed by a pleasant bitterness reminiscent of tobacco, cinchona bark and honeyed caramel. 700mL | 18% alc./vol.