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Gifts and Wine Accessories

Liberty offers a wonderful selection of products to complement any wine experience. From the latest in corkscrews and glassware to specialty gift baskets, we have something special for every connoisseur.

*Liberty Wine Merchants cannot guarantee nut-free products in our gift baskets. 


Holiday Orders

Please note that the deadline for orders requiring delivery in time for Christmas 2019 is 5PM on Monday December 16th; orders received after this date can be delivered to the most convenient Liberty Wine Merchants retail location and held for pick up.


We now accept payment through PayPal.

For all orders using PayPal payment, please contact a store (manager) for full payment details and your final payment amounts. * A quotation number is required to complete your purchase.


* Quotation Number



All basket orders must include wine.  Wine prices (not included in the basket price) can be viewed in our recommended wine list.


Graphite Pulltap
Graphite Pulltap
Graphite Pulltap

Ask your local Liberty Wine Store for more details

The corkscrew has been around since the 1600s and today’s models are an eclectic mix of shapes and styles. At Liberty, we have an extensive collection, including the brands listed below. Drop by one of our locations to see the full selection, and pick the corkscrew that best suits your casual and professional needs.

While we unfortunately cannot list our whole selection, these are our most popular corkscrews that we have in stock:

  1. Liberty Travel Pocket Corkscrew
  2. Waiter's Corkscrew
  3. Waiter's Pal Screwcap
  4. Graphite Pulltap
  5. Boomerang Corkscrew

Warranty Information:

All CORKSCREWS, purchased at any of the Liberty Wine Stores have a ONE YEAR guarantee (when you return your defective product, GET A NEW ONE FREE, you must present your original receipt).

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